Kubernetes case study on the National Packaging Waste Database project has now been published!

NPWD Case Study

We’d like to thanks John Turner and Phil Conran, from the Advisory Committee on Packaging, and Keith Stonell and Steve Watkins, from The Environment Agency, for their permission to publish this case study.

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… a case study of the delivery of the National Packaging Waste Database at Unicom’s Agile Approaches for Delivering Business Value conference in London on 18th February 2008.

We are delighted that Steve Watkins, Head of the Project Office at the Environment Agency, has agreed to present with Jeremy at the conference.

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At a discussion with a potential client last week, I reminded myself of a rule of thumb in sales / marketing (mainly B2B).

A decent saleperson can persuade one organisation to buy any product or service, two sales of a product or service creates a support problem the third sale proves a market.

Hence before you launch a product or service be sure that you can identify at least 3 sales, ideally in the same niche.

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It was gratifying to see a mention of the successful delivery of NPWD by the minister in charge of the packaging regulations, Ben Bradshaw. The full quote is below and comes from page 5 of the committee meeting minutes where Parliament approved the changes in regulations needed for the system.

“The hon. Member for Cheltenham mentioned IT costs. The cost that has been quoted is just for maintenance and some development. The database cost £400,000, of which £350,000 was put forward by the industry. He may welcome the fact that it is an unusual piece of Government IT in that has been successfully delivered on time and to cost.”

The reason it was delivered on time and to cost?  A combination of Kubernetes project facilitation, Solution 7’s development expertise and the right people from all the stakeholder groups on the project team.

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The full National Packaging Waste Database went live this morning.

The NPWD project has now delivered an on-line system to manage the Packaging Waste regulatory regime. Jeremy Renwick from Kubernetes faciliated the 12 stakeholder groups involved in the regime (from both the public sector and industry) to capture and agree the requirements for the system. Jeremy also managed the process of implementation working closely with senior management in the Environment Agency and the developers of the system Solution 7 Ltd

The system has been delivered on-time and to budget, a significant result, given that the project deals with a complex area of government regulation and involves a very diverse user community.

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